Personalized Wine & Champagne Labels for Life's Most Joyous Occasions

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This is *so* easy. It's really just 1. soak 2. scrub 3. peel & stick, pretty self-explanatory. But we're geeks and perfectionists, so we've provided our best tips and tricks for removing the original labels and applying your new ones below. Once you're done, you'll love they way they look - like they came straight from the bottling factory with your custom labels - just like the ones in this pretty pink photo and that's an Instagram-worthy moment if we ever saw one. 

Skip to the bottom for our Prep + Application FAQ. 

How to Remove Wine Labels


• Baking Soda

• Sponge like SOS or Scotch Brite

• Sink with stopper (or a large bucket)

• Towel or t-shirt to help stabilize bottles during label application

• A little elbow grease! ♥ 

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How to Remove Mini Champagne Labels


• Fill a bucket or sink with enough cool or warm water to submerge your bottles past their labels, but not enough that the water touches any paper or foil material at the bottles' necks. 

• Stir in a 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda per bottle and soak for at least 30 minutes. The longer you soak, the easier the next part is. We recommend one hour to two for extra stubborn labels. 

• After soaking, your labels should be easy to peel off. 

• If any reside remains, scrub the bottles with a sponge (like SOS or Scotch Brite). 

• Once the label is completely removed, rinse the bottles off in clean water then thoroughly dry before label application. 

Applying Custom Mini Champagne Labels


• Start with clean hands and a dry bottle.

• Place your bottle on a t-shirt or towel so that it doesn't budge or move during application.

Do a dry-run: place your label (with backing still on) where you think it will look best on your bottle. 

• Once you're satisfied, move your label's backing completely. 

• Place the label, pressing firmly in the center of the label first, then work your way, smoothing the label outwards from the center to prevent air bubbles from forming. 

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Our labels are pretty forgiving during application if you need to remove and reapply, but don’t abuse this feature! We want you to have the best event ever so make sure to be careful when applying. While our labels are meant to survive the handling associated with an event like a wedding, they can still tear or crease if roughly handled during application. 

And that’s it! Congratulate yourself for a job well done and share your your finished bottles with us on Instagram @PriaAndCo! We love to see how our customers show off their custom labels. 

Q: Do I really have to remove the original label first?

A: The short answer is yes. Generally we don't recommend applying the new labels over your bottles' original labels - you can, and we have had clients to do so with good or great results, but for most brands, you'll probably run into some issues you can avoid if you remove the original labels first. Every brand has an original label that is different in shape, size, placement, color, and even texture - some labels are printed with such raised ink that a custom label applied over it would be bumpy. Ick! Keeping the original label on will also make application of your custom labels more difficult since you won't be able to reposition during application in case it goes on crooked. So... we recommend removing the original label entirely. Afterwards you'll get a super clean and custom feel that makes it look like the bottles arrived with custom labels straight from the bottling factory with your custom labels applied! Totes worth it.