Personalized Wine & Champagne Labels for Life's Most Joyous Occasions

let's be besties

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Pria is our shop owner and designer. During the proofing process, she’s the one who carefully creates your personalized designs. She’s super helpful and is always happy to suggest another color or composition option when needed. Pria can be summed up in two words: pups and parties. Totally dog-obsessed, if she’s not designing something, she’s probably at the dog park fitting dogs with party hats.

three facts

  • Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Emoji Over-User

  • Would kill to meet Panic! At the Disco



project manager

Nika is our chief communicator and schedule keeper. She’ll size-up your order and note your design specifics, keep your projects on time, and cheer you up if your bridesmaid drops out. Nika is super serious about tea and coffee, but also knows her brut from her semi doux. A total wine geek, she’ll never let you drink bad champagne.


  • Obsessed with Disneyland
  • Sorted as a Slytherin but won’t admit it
  • Can’t decide which shade of Millennial Pink she likes the best


chief treat tester

Bumble is one of Pria's several rescue pups. He sniffs all your orders before they're packaged to make sure they aren't his treats. Rescued at just five weeks old, he'd already learned three commands by week six. He recognizes his Barkbox the moment he sees it and doesn't mind sharing his toys.


  • Knows the difference between his right paw and his left paw
  • Thinks all cats want to play with him
  • Slides by on his good looks


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